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What is it ?

ClosetoShop can create personal and unique email addresses (of the form xxxxxxxx@cts.lu) for different situations :

  • registration on a website ;
  • subscription to a newsletter ;
  • purchase a commercial site ;
  • inclusion in a trade show ;

You can create a new ClosetoShop address whenever you need to communicate your email but you want to keep control over the information that will be sent. We believe that ClosetoShop has many uses… It is ultimately up to each user to define use it however suits them best!

With ClosetoShop you eliminate the risk of being spammed: You can always remove a specific address with the guarantee of receiving no more email on it.

ClosetoShop receives all mail intended for you (through adresses@cts.lu you created) and you are sent, by email, a daily summary incorporating all messages received in the last 24 hours.

Are you expecting an urgent email (an order confirmation when making a purchase, for example)? No problem you can see the messages intended for you in real time through our our web interface

This video should help you better understand how ClosetoShop works.

ClosetoShop from Closetoshop on Vimeo.

How to create a new "@cts.lu" address ?

You have two options :

  • Use the ”@cts.lu bookmarklet” : this is the easiest (and fastest) way to create a new address as soon as you need it without even leaving the site you are on! Just position the cursor on the “email” field of the form that you are completing and click the ”@cts.lu” button in your bookmarks bar to create an address directly (the input field is automatically filled in)!

Of course you must have previously installed “The Shortcut” in your browser. It's very simple: just “drag” the ”@cts.lu” button available on the home page of ClosetoShop into your bookmarks bar (after you login).

  • Use the ClosetoShop web-interface. Head to https://closetoshop.com/app/email address and click “generate ClosetoShop address”. The new address will appear immediately in the list. You just need to give it a name (for easier identification). The address thus generated is able to be used immediately your just need to communicate it !

How many addresses is it possible to create ?

The number of generated addresses is not limited (in the context of “normal” use of the system). However, during the testing phase we decided to limit the number of email addresses to 300 per tester. This limitation will disappear as soon as the system is open to the public.

Do not hesitate to create a unique address for each entry !

The site on which I just signed up requires confirmation. How will this work ?

It's very simple. Just check the messages received through the web by connecting to this interface address immediately: https://closetoshop.com/app/news, select the message and click on the confirmation link usually present at within the email.

What is the validity of an "@cts.lu" address ?

An @cts.lu adress will never expire! Only you can decide to delete an existing address by visiting the web interface (https://closetoshop.com/app/email) and clicking the rubbish bin icon.

Are there any restrictions on the use of "@cts.lu" addresses ?

No. Certain abusive practices are, however, prohibited.

For example (this list is not exhaustive) it is forbidden to use ClosetoShop addresses for the following uses :

  • uses punishable by law ;

  • creation of multiple addresses for a single website (a game site for example);

  • address generation in order to harm others.

In cases where abuse is found ClosetoShop can remove addresses and possibly take action regarding the accounts of the associated users.

In the most serious cases and legal requisition, ClosetoShop provide the connection information in its possession.

Will using ClosetoShop always be free ?

Yes. However, we anticipate the possibility of offering additional functionality (providing “premium” type) which will require a subscription. The basic functionality will remain free.

Is it possible to delete or archive messages ?

This feature is being developed. You should find it in the web interface within a few weeks!

Is it possible to use ClosetoShop on my smartphone ?

For now you can use your regular mobile browser. However ClosetoShop is not currently optimised for this type operation and the experience may not be optimal.

We expect there to be a true mobile version available in the coming weeks. You can easily generate adresses@cts.lu on the move (e.g. when a merchant asks you for this type of information).

Is ClosetoShop is a "disposable" address provider ?

Not really: other services are better suited for this purpose. Indeed, the primary purpose of ClosetoShop is to maintain a long term relationship with the sources of information to which you subscribe. The goal is to receive news in an original form while retaining full control over the information received. Because of its mode of operation, ClosetoShop avoids the excesses sometimes found: no actioning of unsubscribe requests, resale/exchange of addresses…

Do you manage an email routing service? Are you a professional emailing service? We can provide (after identification of your organization) access to our API so you can easily check the validity of an address ”@cts.lu”. So you will have a reliable way to keep your mailing lists up-to-date. Do not hesitate to contact us at contact@closetoshop.com for more.

Can ClosetoShop read my emails ?

The different mails received on addresses ”@cts.lu” are managed by our servers. A program classifies them and generates your summary. However, we do not try to read them in order to exploit them later. Only the labels associated with addresses ”@cts.lu” are studied.

What guarantees are provided by ClosetoShop ?

ClosetoShop is currently in open beta test without warranty. Specific terms and conditions will be clearly displayed at the opening of the tool to the public. However during this test we strive to ensure the security of your data and to provide the highest quality of service. However, like any tool in testing phase, malfunctions may occur. We need your feedback to correct them. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Terms of use

By using our service you agree without reserve our terms of use available HERE

Do you have any other questions ?

This FAQ section will gradually be enriched based on feedback from early testers !

In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us (contact@closetoshop.com) if you have a problem, if you want to give us an idea, or even to share with us that you’re using ClosetoShop in a way we hadn’t yet considered !

To find us :

To report the misuse of an @cts.lu adresse

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